​​​​​​​"The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before." - Neil Gaiman

Lou is both a traditional and digital artist.
Traditional Art
Acrylic is his chosen medium. Lou’s art is mostly contemplative, characterised by heavy textures using brushes, palette knives, and other mark making tools. His subjects are varied, from human figures to landscapes, from floral and still life. His task is to provide mood and atmosphere that may transport the viewer to a similar personal experience.
Digital Art
Lou has more than 30 years of extensive experience in the advertising and media industry, from Manila, Vietnam and New Zealand. His background on motion graphics and animation has provided him the necessary skills for his digital paintings, which has strong environmental themes, combining storytelling with freehand Photoshop illustrations. He has minted NFT's just recently in the OBJKT platform.


2021 // Georgina Don Memorial Cup  winner, Best Acrylic , TSA end of year competitions
2021 // Eric Hussey Cup winner, Best Seascape , TSA mid year competitions
2021 // Thelma Graham Plate winner, Best Portraiture , TSA mid year competitions
2019 // Emerging Artist Award Finalists "Listen" // The Upstairs Gallery
2024 // The B-Side // Incubator Creative Hub
2023 // 115 Annual Group Show // The Peoples Gallery
2023 // PIXelated - Digital Art Group Exhibition // The People's Gallery
2022 // Four Seasons Four Artists // Carlton Gallery
2021 - 2023 // Tauranga Society of Artists Art Expo
2019 // Emerging Artist Award Finalists "Listen" // The Upstairs Gallery
2018 // Tauranga Multicultural Pop up Exhibit // The Historic Village

The Artist Window Galley,  part of the Incubator Creative Hub, Historic Village, Tauranga

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